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A UFO UAP or Unidentified Flying Object is any object observed in the lower or upper atmosphere that can not be identified. A few definitions, including that which is utilized by the U.S.A.F., outlines a UFO as an object not able to be identified after scrutiny. In addition, whilst other definitions define an item as being an unidentified flying object from the time it is first reported as unidentified, even though subsequently they turn out to be IFO, "identified flying objects".

Furthermore, reports of unusual aerial phenomena date back to historical times. Equally important however present-day reports and the first reputable investigations began during the duration of WW2. First with sightings of so-referred to as Foo Fighters through Allied airforce crews and in 1946 with major sightings of "ghost rockets" over Europe. Lastly, Unidentified flying object reports have become even more commonplace after the primary widely publicized American UFO sighting, from pilot Kenneth Arnold on June 24th, 1947. Since the coming age of these strange UFO UAP reports, hundreds of thousands of reported sightings have been recorded worldwide. 

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