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Discover The New Research On The UFO Abduction Encounters

Even though alien craft abduction encounters range from the thousands and or multiple millions say some researchers. There's a lack of instances which are reported by outdoor witnesses. Ufos are almost by no means witnessed for the entire duration of the act of abducting someone. How is this viable? How can plenty of UFO abductions not actually be unseen? This shortage of data by out door witnesses has prompted a few researchers to suggest that abductions can be mental or out-of-body reports past our physical reality. However, a majority of UFO investigators are keenly aware of why there are so few witnesses.

The number one motive appears to be that outdoor observers are placed in a trance, made to overlook, or are diverted to other places. Furthermore, the mysterious absence of outdoor witnesses is seemingly no twist of fate. But, nobody’s perfect even the alien abductors. Sincerely …

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On The Strange 1965 Maurice Masse UFO Alien Encounter

UFO Sighting Report 1965. Valensole, France, lavender farmer Maurice Masse encounters a landed UFO and its occupants in his fields; they paralyse him and rapidly departed.

Close to the French village of Valensole, farmer Maurice Masse was having a cigarette simply before beginning work at 5:45 A.M. on July 1, 1965, when something caught his eye a UFO came out of the sky and landed in a lavender field area 2 hundred feet away. He quickly became annoyed assuming that a helicopter had made an unauthorized landing, he walked toward it. However, he quickly noticed it was no helicopter but an oval-fashioned form shape resting on four legs. In front of it stood 2 alien figures, not quite four feet tall, dressed in tight gray-green suites. Their heads have been oversize and with sharp chins, their eyes have been big and slanted, and that they were making a "grumbling" noise.

At the same t…

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