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Exposed Secret Farming Of Human and Animal Loosh

The emotional energy that all people & animals generate and radiate, is known as “Loosh,”. Spiking with our extreme polar emotions of dread, hate, disgust, and despair. Individually and collectively, Loosesh is experienced and documented in the body, mind, and soul. Exploring the hypothesis that some experiences result in extremely high levels of mental stress, such as agony, dread, hysteria, shock, and despair. Furthermore, traumatic experiences appear to elicit strong energy reactions.

Increased trauma equals increased energy. Fear as a weapon combined with trauma-based mind control yields that luscious Loosh! Nothing is potent or more effective at drawing our energy than fear. And then, what might be thought of as energetic vampires feeding off this human-powered domain, extract our trauma-energy, aka Loosh. Recall that over time, power is equal to energy. [ P = E/t ] Their power, our energy, every time. So my friends Protect your Loosh in life like you’d protect your neck in a fight, especially a fight with a vampire.

Robert Monroe, an expert in astral travel, explained that “glitches” were encounters with other realities. He investigated the AFTERLIFE REALM and OTHER DIMENSIONS in great detail using these “Matrix Glitches”. Monroe has thousands of glitch interactions and performed this skillfully over decades. Near the end of his life, he realizes with horror that Earth is an energy/Loosh farm. In reality, all living things on Earth are regarded as cattle because they generate LOOSH ENERGY that THE CONTROLLERS absorb. For this reason, they massively propagate poverty, war, and suffering.

It appears that the core tenet of all major world religions is that in order to please the gods, man must make a sacrifice—that is, kill something or die—or perish. Human sacrifice and other blood rituals can be found in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Druidic tradition, the American Indian tribes, Greece and Rome, Africa, China, Arabia, Germany, Phoenicia, and Egypt. A little-known tale of human sacrifice can even be found in the Old Testament (Judges 11:31–40), where the Israelite judge Jephthah ritually kills his own daughter in order to satisfy a pledge he made to Jehovah.

The term “Loosh” was first used in the writings of Robert E. Masters and Jean Houston in their 1972 book “Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space.” Later, Robert Anton Wilson used it in several of his publications. Within the framework of these writers’ works, “loosh” is defined as an idealized energy or affective material that entities especially negative or parasitic ones may consume or extract from human emotional states. It is not a concept recognized by science; rather, it is theoretical and philosophical.

In Chapter 12 of “Far Journey,” Robert Monroe, who wrote about consciousness exploration and out-of-body experiences, used the term “loosh.”

He claims that a non-human intelligence (NHI) informed him that NHIs are harvesting human experience, emotions, and even meaning. The NHIs feed on the energy that draws them in; that is, evil beings are drawn to and want to eat evil.

This subject LOOSH is discussed in additional correspondence with NHI, as documented by Frank Bender, Masters, Crowley, and numerous others. Every entry on LOOSH is quite worrying because, at the moment, the majority of them are ignorant and unknowingly being fed on by parasitic organisms. They are deliberately causing confusion and disorder in order to overthrow stability, not because this is preventing them from achieving their objectives. Suffering results from it. The greatest production output of LOOSH is produced by suffering. ORRRRRRR, according to theory. Maintaining critical thinking and not living in constant fear of harvesting LOOSH is important.

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