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Exposed Secret Farming Of Human and Animal Loosh

The emotional energy that all people & animals generate and radiate, is known as “Loosh,”. Spiking with our extreme polar emotions of dread, hate, disgust, and despair. Individually and collectively, Loosesh is experienced and documented in the body, mind, and soul. Exploring the hypothesis that some experiences result in extremely high levels of mental stress, such as agony, dread, hysteria, shock, and despair. Furthermore, traumatic experiences appear to elicit strong energy reactions.

Increased trauma equals increased energy. Fear as a weapon combined with trauma-based mind control yields that luscious Loosh! Nothing is potent or more effective at drawing our energy than fear. And then, what might be thought of as energetic vampires feeding off this human-powered domain, extract our trauma-energy, aka Loosh. Recall that over time, power is equal to energy. [ P = E/t ] Their pow…

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Uncover The Worldwide Black Triangle shaped UFO sighting video

During this video, you will be amazed at the different Black Triangle Sightings reported in different parts of the world.

Black triangles are UFOs reported as having a triangular shape and dark color, typically observed at night, described as large, silent, hovering, moving slowly, and displaying pulsating, colored lights that they are able to turn off. During the early 1980s, several hundred people claimed to have witnessed UFOs flying over, or near, the Hudson River in New York state

These sightings involved hovering or slowly flying, V-shaped objects rimmed with colorful lights. Several pilots claimed responsibility for these UFOs, reporting that the objects, some of which were tracked to a local airport and parking lot, were ultralight aircraft flying in formation.

What appears to be the beginning of the Black Triangle UFO Sightings starting in Belgium and is said to be a…

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On The Amazing Story Of The Varginha Alien Encounter 1996

On Jan. 13th, 1996, the American Air Force shot down a flying saucer, which crashed six miles from a medium-sized city in southeastern Brazil. Seven days later, two sisters 14 and sixteen, and a 21 yr. buddy spots a tiny, frightened alien with huge red eyes, crouching by means of a wall. They run screaming returning to their mother.

Two Sisters and friend encounter the Varginha Alien 1996

The Brazilian police and army seized at least two aliens, certainly one of which scratched an officer. The officer's wound became infected and in the end, killed him. And within time one of the aliens dies. American Military confiscates the alien bodies and takes them to an unknown location. A great cover-up via the Brazilian army, enforced with death threats, lasted for 26 years.

However, if it’s all made up, it's one of the best cover-ups in Brazilian history. Almost everyone who hears the witness's testimony a quarter century later is convinced t…

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