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On The Amazing Story Of The Varginha Alien Encounter 1996

On Jan. 13th, 1996, the American Air Force shot down a flying saucer, which crashed six miles from a medium-sized city in southeastern Brazil. Seven days later, two sisters 14 and sixteen, and a 21 yr. buddy spots a tiny, frightened alien with huge red eyes, crouching by means of a wall. They run screaming returning to their mother.

Two Sisters and friend encounter the Varginha Alien 1996

The Brazilian police and army seized at least two aliens, certainly one of which scratched an officer. The officer's wound became infected and in the end, killed him. And within time one of the aliens dies. American Military confiscates the alien bodies and takes them to an unknown location. A great cover-up via the Brazilian army, enforced with death threats, lasted for 26 years.

However, if it’s all made up, it's one of the best cover-ups in Brazilian history. Almost everyone who hears the witness's testimony a quarter century later is convinced they are telling the truth. Now, a brand new documentary, “Moment of contact” (streaming on Amazon and Apple tv+) lays out the most convincing case that extraterrestrials now not only exist, but have visited, and died on Earth.

In the film, De Sousa describes the spacecraft as the size of a college bus however formed like a submarine with white smoke leaking out of a gash in its lower back. He compares the alien ship to a malfunctioning washing machine, rocking and jerking around inside the sky. De Souza says he ran to the area of the crash wherein he saw portions of metallic, like a thin aluminum foil, unfold across the field. He said he picked up a bit of the metallic, and crumpled it in his hand, after which let it go, at which point it again to its unique shape.

At once after would, he says the navy showed up and infantrymen started out screaming at him to go away.
Go away! depart! I’m ordering you,” they yelled, as one officer held a rifle to his face. Seven days later, sisters Liliane and Valquiria Silva and their buddy Okayátia Xavier were walking through an empty lot between two homes when they spotted the creature just 8 feet away. I was in the front and they have been a little farther back,” Liliane, who was at the time 16 in 1996, explains in “Moment of Contact” directed by James Fox. Passing through the graffiti caught my attention. I looked and I noticed the Alien creature. It appeared to be stricken by the heat. What we saw wasn’t human and wasn’t an animal either. Currently, I do think it was a being from any other planet,” says Liliana.

“It wasn’t a person, it wasn’t an animal. What it was, I can’t say,” says Valquíria. When we ran for a while we stopped and asked what we saw after which we ran to our mothers. I came out to meet the ladies,” their mother, Luiza, says within the movie. “due to the fact mothers have a sixth sense. They had been scared and walking slowly and dragging each other. We were children of Catholics and thought it could be a demon. That’s why we have been so scared,” stated Liliane. Luiza made the girls return and when they were again at the spot, their mom saw the footprint in the dirt, which she drew for filmmaker Fox. It was a round foot with three long toes.

For 20 days I smelled its odor, said Luiza. I couldn’t stand the scent. I don’t understand we it came from. I even washed my nose with alcohol and water. It was an ammonia smell, says Katia. No, it wasn’t ammonia, says the mother. “It smelled worse than sulfur. What an abnormal smell. I grabbed Katia and stated, Let's get out of here! They informed their story to the press and have been met usually with ridicule at the time. However, the girls have not changed their testimony in the 25 years between the event and the making of the film in 2021.

Six miles from the crash website, in line with the movie, the military installed a blockade in a residential community. Resources say the local fire department, which is under the control of the military police, captured one of the creatures in the morning, and some other officer captured a 2nd near where the 3 girls had seen it later that afternoon. That was when the creature scratched the young officer, Marco Chereze, who quickly grew ill, and sought help in the sanatorium, according to the film. The doctor who dealt with him stated that Chereze spoke openly about what took place because he feared he was dying and was fighting to live on.

The 2 people who did not participate in the “moment of contact” spoke exclusively to The NY Post about senior Brazilian officers who informed them about their own encounters with the creatures. It was thin, susceptible, and fragile,” stated Vitório Pacaccini, a civilian flying saucer investigator who stated he was shown a 35-sec film fragment of the creature via a senior officer in 2012. It had brown skin with an oil or grease on the body. It had a massive head with red eyes and no pupils. The face was like a reptile, like a frog with extraordinary red eyes 3 times larger than ours and three protuberances on the pinnacle of its head. Pacaccini said the creature was alive however seemed it was about to die.

Sketch of Brazilian Varginha  Alien 1996

It made a little sound, he said. Like a bee. Patricia Fernandes Silva described 2 Aliens that had been nearly equal to the one defined by Pacaccini and the three girls. She says the former sheriff of Virginha who found out she was once a flying saucers researcher invited her into an office building in 2014 in which he and 4 different officers interrogated her for hours. “The mouth was very small,” she said. The skin of the alive one had a shine, however, it was not an oily shine. It was a kind of gooey like he just stepped out of a swimming pool. It was wet, damp skin.

Pacaccini said he has videotaped interviews with at least seven army officers about the encounters that he's maintaining in different locations. After he accused the army of a cover-up, he stated hostile drivers on four separate activities bumped his automobile on the motorway. On the fourth time, 2 shots were fired at his automobile. He stated he has received loads of death threats over the years and, in 2004, he moved to Italy to break out. 

“Moment of Contact” comes at a moment of heightened interest in UFOs. In 2017, mainstream news media covered reports by Navy pilots of UFOs renamed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) recorded on infrared films.  

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