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On The Strange Remarkable Massive UFO Sighting

July 8, 2012, LARGE CRAFT SEEN BY MY WIFE. We live in the Killian area of Miami and live in a large cul-de-sac in a very quiet middle-class neighborhood with very large lots for each property. On July 8, 2012, at approximately 3:30 am, my wife saw a huge craft, about the size of a football field, maybe double that size, about ¼ to ½ mile from our house. The object appeared to be only a few blocks away and about 200 feet off the ground. It was a very large craft illuminated with bright multi-colored lights on its sides. This UFO was so large that even at 2-4 blocks away, it visually appeared from one end of our wide cul-de-sac to the other side. It was huge.

This is the story that my wife told me. At approximately 3:30 am, our dog Nena, our dog who was healed from total paralysis by an Energy Being in our living room a few months before, began barking loudly. My wife always takes her out to our back door to our backyard but always at around 7 am when she wakes up. But this time, for reasons she does not understand, Nena woke her up at 3:30 am and started jumping up and down on our front door, which she never does. My wife then opened our front door and stepped outside with Nena. She has never taken our dog to the bathroom via our front door at night before or since.

When my wife stepped outside, she heard a tremendous noise that sounded “like a 747 jet was right on top of my head”. She said that the noise was so loud that it had to have woken up the entire neighborhood. The extremely loud noise lasted for 1-2 minutes.
After this noise stopped, my wife looked up, in a south-westerly direction, and she saw a craft at approximately a 45-degree angle. The craft remained stationary for about a few minutes and then it disappeared.

The UFO was shaped like a football-shaped cylinder but with pointed triangle edges on both sides which appeared triangular shaped on each end. The right and left sides, inside the triangle portion of the edges, had two large bands of extremely bright multi-colored lights on each side. The middle part of the craft appeared very light whitish or silver/grey colored. I later researched the weather for that night and found that the visibility was 10 miles and that there were scattered clouds at 3:30 am that night. My wife said that she saw many stars in the sky that night and thus she had excellent visibility. She said that this craft blocked out the stars in its line of sight. The next day she told me that her “Angels” came to visit her “Los Angeles / Source From my Diary Reinerio Hernandez author of Beyond UFO's 

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