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On The New Reports UFOs and Attraction To Severe Storms

Here in our first UFO Video of Sightings during storms is the following report. A thunderstorm that occurred over Colorado on June 21, 2023, wasn't your typical thunderstorm. It was abnormal a freak of nature. Witnesses on the ground reported seeing peculiar celestial phenomena. UFOs were sighted floating in the sky for approximately 15 minutes before dawn. What's more a massive formation of unusual clouds, and the emergence of UFOs in the course of lightning strikes. UFOs seemed to be exiting out from mysterious blue clouds and emitting a beautiful orange glow. In addition, a few reported paranormal activity for the duration of the thunderstorm. Even as the motive of this phenomena continues to be unknown, it's extraordinary that this thunderstorm turned into like no other storm. 

On The New Reports UFOs and Attraction To Severe Storms

Now in our second report, we learn the superiority of cameras and domestic security systems pretty much anywhere that we have not seen an alien craft land or some such occurrences. But then there was last night. There was an extreme line of storms that blew through with lightning, thunder, wind, and rain. It got bad enough that we were monitoring the doorbell camera when we saw it was a UFO. At first, we thought it was a bug but then it went behind one of the pillars indicating it was a far object. It also had a strobe, similar to a plane and we thought it might be a plane, but there was NO sound and it was CLOSE to the ground. If you look closely you will see the darkened shapes of trees. This thing was close and low and we never have aircraft doing that here. Heck, we almost never have any aircraft around here...but during a lightning storm? Report A UFO UAP Here Seems like a pretty good cover for a UFO to me too! Too bad it did not land oh boy that would have been fun although I suspect not safe for them around here.

 On The Second New Video Report UFOs and Attraction To Severe Storms

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